Apart from Engineering Courses, Vibrant Academy has taken initiative in creating benchmark in the preparation of Pre-Medical Division also. The study material, faculty team, teaching system and testing system are entirely oriented towards NEET Examination. In order to make students succeed in NEET, regular guidance and counseling are part of their curriculum. Our course structure is designed in such a way that it supports student performance in NEET preparation as well as Board Exams. The course curriculum includes theoretical concepts and practical problems.

The Experts of Pre-Medical Division has designed study material after years of extensive research and expertise. Practice sheets are formulated in such a way that it clears ground rules through complete understanding of topics. Students are taught from the fundamental of any topic to enable them to achieve best rank in NEET.

Our Concept

The Curriculum is for those who set their Target as PRE-MEDICAL as soon as they opt for Science with Biology stream. In PRE-MEDICAL courses the student will get academically stimulating environment, small batches and one to one interaction with the faculties. We Mentor the students in scientific manner. We nurture students for building up solid foundation of concepts and analytical approach towards problem solving.

Pre-Medical Courses
Target 2023 2022 2023 2022
Duration 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Fee 90,000/- 95,000/- 99,000/- 99,000/-
#Caution Money 2,000/- 2,000/- 2,000/- 2,000/-
Total Course Fee (Fee + Caution Money) 92,000/- 97,000/- 101,000/- 101,000/-
Standerd 1st Installment 57,000/- 62,000/- 67,000/- 67,000/-
Batch Start Phase 1: 07-04-2021
Phase 2: 16-06-2021
Phase 3: 01-07-2021
Phase 4: 19-07-2021
Phase 5: 06-09-2021
Phase 1: 07-04-2021
Phase 2: 19-05-2021
Phase 1: 16-06-2021
Phase 2: 11-08-2021
Phase 3: 01-07-2021
Phase 4: 16-09-2021
Phase 5: 29-09-2021
Phase 6: 14-10-2021
Phase 7: 27-10-2021
Scholarship Criteria Fee Scholarship in % / Rs
Class-X : NTSE (Stage-II qualified) 75%
Class-X : NTSE (Stage-I qualified) 40%
For International Sr. Astronomy/Jr. Astronomy/Physics/Chemistry/Maths/Biology/Jr.Science Olympiad(Conducted by HBCSE)-NSEs 90% for Stage-III Qualified
75% for stage-II Qualified
25% for stage-I Qualified
For KVPY-SA Stream (Applicable only for students taking admission in Class-XII) 75% STAGE-II | 50% STAGE-I
State Board (Merit list Top-15) 75%
on basis of Class-X Examination (for Class-XI/XII)
and Class-XII Examination (for Class-XIII)
40% >=95%
30% >=90% & <95%
20% >=85% & <90%
10% >=80% & <85%
NEET qualified UPTO AIR 15000 80%
NEET qualified AIR 15001 to 20000 60%
NEET qualified AIR 20001 to 30000 50%
NEET qualified AIR 30001 to 40000 40%
NEET qualified AIR 40001 to 50000 30%
NEET qualified AIR 50001 to 60000 20%
NEET qualified AIR 60001 to 150000 10%
Scholarship on the basis of Past Association
DLP 2019-20 Students taking admission in Classroom Course 20%
Alumnus from JEE (Main + Advanced) Real Brother/Sister 10%
Sibling discount
Both in Medical 4000/- Each
One in Edge and other in Medical Division 2000/- Edge & 4000/- for Medical
One in Advanced and Other in Medical 5000/- Adv. & 4000/- for Medical
One in Main and Other in Medical 3000/- Main & 4000/- for Medical


  • Total Fee amount is inclusive of 18% GST (Present Rate). In case of Installment payment students has to deposit Postdated cheque (PDC) of balance amount at the time of depositing 1st Installment.
  • Early Bird discounted fee for In-house students is Rs.60,000/- (Only for ROOT Course).
  • Early Bird discounted fee for Out-Side students is Rs.70,000/- (Only for ROOT Course).
  • Early Bird discounted fee for First Hundred Registrations only or Till 31st Dec. 2019.

Course Content:

  • Regular Classes 6 Days in a Week.
  • 90 Minutes Lecture which includes theoretical and conceptual learning, DPP's and Sheet Discussion.
  • Regular Tests (As per the Topic Covered).

Why Us?

  • Systematic completion of syllabus on time with the best use of teaching aids.
  • Lays solid foundation of basic concepts of all the subjects.
  • Apart from subject knowledge, students are provided with best possible guidance, speed, accuracy, test temperament and right kind of competition.
  • The focus of the Course is more on concept building and gradual improvement in the performance of the students.
  • Develops quick analytical thinking and systematic problem solving skills.
  • Coverage of Board Syllabus along with NEET syllabus.
  • Regular Conduction of Doubt Classes.
  • Special Classes and Test Series are conducted to prepare the students for Olympiads/Scholarship Exams.

SEED: (IX to X Moving Students)

This Course is Integrated and particularly designed for those students who want to get privilege of PRE-MEDICAL in Advance.

Eligibility: IX Passed

ROOT: (X to XI Moving Students)

This Course is specifically aimed for those who set their Target as PRE-MEDICAL as soon as who will take an early advantage by enrolling just after Class-X board examination.

Eligibility: X Passed

STEM: (XI to XII Moving Students)

This course is for XII undergoing students preparing for PRE-MEDICAL. The Student is taught an entire portion of Class XII along with the important and major topics of class XI. This course also indirectly helps students to score high in the Board Exams with great confidence which gives an exclusive and extra ordinary identification to the student.

Eligibility: XI Passed

LEAF: (XII Passed Students)

This Course is for Pre-Medical aspirants in which entire NEET syllabus is taught by team of Medical Experts. The course begins with conceptual learning and understanding of the fundamentals of subject to boost the performance of the student.

Eligibility: XII Passed

FLOWER: (XII Passed Students)

The concept of this course is to give Extra ordinary and Advanced Learning practice to the NEET aspirants. To strengthen the foundation, enhance self-assurance and get into the top gear of NEET groundwork, this course provides the right platform to easily claim the best offer anywhere in India.

Eligibility: XII Passed