Winners' Testimonials

Vibrant Roll No.15805 (2 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-60 in JEE [Advanced] 2019

I am Navneet Jindal (VA Roll No.: 15805), have secured AIR-60 in JEE Advanced 2019. I am feeling extremely happy after achieving this feet. I was little disappointed after the JEE exam, but when i received the result i was very happy because my aim was to get under AIR-100 in JEE Exam. I chosen Vibrant Academy because my elder brother also studied from Vibrant 2 years ago, he has learnt so many things from Vibrant. Currently he is doing electrical from IIT-BHU.

My Aim is to go to IIT-Delhi. I want to give credit of my success to my parents, who motivated me every time whenever i felt down. HODs of Vibrant played a crucial role in this, specially VG Sir. His teaching methods are interesting because he made subject like maths so interesting . At Vibrant Academy i Gained my lost confidence back because before 11th i wasn’t confident enough to get Even under-1000 AIR. After joining Vibrant i recognized my potential and HODs here lift it higher.

According to me 2 things are most important to crack JEE. 1st of them is consistency and will power. Will power to never give up. Because it is something that motivates you even when something is not going in your way.

In the end i would like to thank Vibrant Directors & faculty for my success in JEE.

Vibrant Roll No.14763 (2 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-68 in JEE [Advanced] 2019

Hello, I am Sajal Mittal (VA Roll No.: 14763), have secured AIR - 68 in IIT-JEE 2019 and have been a regular two year classroom student of Vibrant Academy, Kota. Before joining Vibrant, i never thought that i could achieve even under AIR-1000 because i was just an average student as i don't have any academic achievements. But when i see the atmosphere here with full of energy & motivation i attended classes even in fever because of the positive energy provided by vibrant teaching methodology and cheerful environment.

My first class by PJ Sir the best class i ever had where he motivated us and that interaction with him made me to achieve under AIR-100. All HODs and faculties teach really well. NKS Sir’s simplicity & dedication towards students while clearing all the concepts of physics, made physics so easy. MSC Sir & Sodium Sir motivated me with their tips towards health & running to stay us healthy. VKJ Sir’s smiling face while teaching make inorganic chemistry a joy. Ninja Sir’s motivation session changed my attitude because he told us to not to do good only for IIT but to do great work for life also. That help us to overcome our fears and it made my journey a glorious part of my life. All concepts were cleared by HODs and faculty members very well that there was nothing to worry about before going for IIT Exam.

Vibrant Roll No.60625 (2 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-2 in JEE [Advanced] 2018

I, Sahil Jain, VA Roll No. 60625, secured AIR-2 in JEE Advanced 2018. I was a regular student of two year classroom programme(2016-2018), since class XI of Vibrant Academy. I also achieved AIR-3 in KVPY SX stream.

I am truly grateful of all the Directors who taught me. They were always helpful to us & cleared all our doubts. They always focused on guiding us to perform our best to achieve good rank in JEE.

The competitive environment of Vibrant Academy has made our progress faster. Only because of VA, All its Directors & its study material, could I achieve & fulfill my dreams. In the end, I am thankful to Vibrant Academy & its Directors for their help and support.

Vibrant Roll No.61089 (4 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-6 in JEE [Advanced] 2018

I, Meenal Parakh (VA Roll No.: 61089) have secured AIR - 6 in IIT-JEE 2018. I have been a regular student in Vibrant Academy since class IX.

I would like to pay special thanks to the Directors who guided me at every step of JEE preparation and encouraged me to work hard.

The whole staff is very supportive. Teachers give attention to each and every student and help them clear their doubts. The classroom environment is friendly and so is very effective for learning.

The study material is very well designed and helps students gain mastery over the topics and thus achieve their goals.

I enjoyed coming here everyday. I learned a lot and it was a great experience that helped me extensively in JEE exams and will continue to help me in future as well.

I am very thankful to VIBRANT ACADEMY for their support.

Vibrant Roll No.77925 (2 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-5 in JEE [Advanced] 2017

I SURAJ VA roll n0. 77925 secured AIR 5 in IIT JEE 2017. I was regular student of two year classroom program (2015-17). All the Directors were always ready to solve my doubts and it created a transparent system encouraging us to approach them. The teachers have successfully mastered the art of making the students learn, rather than read the environment here is competitive yet progressive. The teachers help us not only in studies but also encourage us when confidence decreases. The study material also updated every year and is the best for IIT-JEE and other competitive test i.e. Olympiads.

I really enjoy here in study and I am sure that studying at Vibrant really helps you to achieve your goals. At last I heartily thank Vibrant Academy for their support.

Vibrant Roll No.76538 (2 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-47 in JEE [Advanced] 2017

My name is Sumit and I secured AIR-47 in JEE-IIT 2017. I am very thankful to Vibrant for guiding and helping me secure this rank. The teachers here are well experienced and there humour and way of teaching ensures that you feel light headed and leave the institute with a smile every day. They clear doubts of every student patiently and never let anyone down. They work for hours in order to provide us the best study material. At last I heartily thank Vibrant for their support and carefulness provided to me.

Vibrant Roll No.77314 (2 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-55 in JEE [Advanced] 2017

Hello, I Manas Shukla secured AIR-55 in JEE Advanced 2017. It is all because of my teachers in Vibrant and my family. Without the support of these two it was not possible for to secure such a good rank. The atmosphere in Kota and Vibrant Academy is highly inspiring and motivating. The attitude of teachers is very friendly besides teaching teachers also taught us the way of living life freely and confidently; specially Ninja Sir.

The study material contains unique questions as per requirement the teaching methodology is purely systematic. Regular test are held in weeks also the support management team is excellent. Extra curriculum activities like fun day were always there to refresh our minds. Also I would like to include the fact that faculties are totally concerned about students. At last I want to thank Vibrant Academy for their guidance especially to VG Sir and Ninja Sir.

Vibrant Roll No.76881 (2 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-75 in JEE [Advanced] 2017

Hello, my name is Medha kant and I begged AIR-75 in JEE Advanced 2017.

JEE Advanced is a exam of its type that has no fixed pattern and students have to decide the approach of attempting the paper on the spot and Vibrant is the place where you are brought to your best. With highly experienced faculty, I passed the best two years of my life learning and sharpening myself with the Vibrant family.

The seven Directors are the strongest pillar of Vibrant Academy and they are the best in their fields. Vibrant provided me a chance to study with some of the finest brains of India and provided a very competitive environment. I may surely recommend anyone to join the two year classroom program at Vibrant Academy Pvt. Ltd. India and guarantee anyone who joins will have a successful future.

Vibrant Roll No.77688 (2 Year Classroom Student)

AIR-104 in JEE [Advanced] 2017

Hello everyone I Abhyuday Bhartiya Vibrant roll n0. 77688 have secured AIR-104 in JEE Advanced 2017. For my success I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the teachers and support staff at Vibrant for their tremendous support and help during the two years of my preparation.

The overall environment of the institute is motivating and highly academic yet at the same time, it is stress free. The experience and knowledge of our HODs is unparalleled and benefits all capable of reaping its benefits. The teaching material is also pretty good and helps build a solid foundation of basic concepts. The range of questions are provided such that an aspirant becomes well versed in all the ideas that are important. The support management team is also unbelievable.