NJ SIR (Ninja Sir)

You have power over your mind, not outside events


Mr. Nitin Jain is a Co-Founder, Director and HOD-Physics. He is an Alumnus of BITS-Pilani.

NJ Sir Posses experience in education of More than 22 Years. His Strength is in the subject for IIT-JEE Preparation and for the physics Olympiad as well.

His association with the apex institutions at Kota provides expert guidance and best solution to the students for success in IIT-JEE & Physics Olympiads as well.

Mr Nitin Jain has Published “University Physics for the JEE”, to give a proper insight and put the students on the right path for the National Level Competition like IIT-JEE.

His methodology in delivering is very unique and most liked by the students.


One good diagram is equivalent to thousand words.


Mr. Neel Kamal Sethia – An IItian from IIT-Kharagpur with Honours is a Co-Founder, Director and HOD of Physics. He has been serving the industry for the last 18 years, keeping a view to deliver rich and qualitative solution to the problem in physics.

He is a profound Writer of “University of Physics for JEE”, as well.

His command and expertise on the subject has provided a better understanding of it, to the IIT-JEE aspirants.

His calm approach has always been admired by the students as well.


Keep Working


Mr. Mahendra Singh Chouhan a co-founder, Director and HOD of Organic Chemistry is a renowned name in the field of IIT-JEE preparation for the last 17 Years. He Graduated from Mumbai University in Chemical Engineering.

His dedication and passion for teaching reflects in the results of students preparing for IIT-JEE.

Thousands of students have been benefited by the in-depth knowledge of MSC Sir to achieve the big dream excelling in IIT-JEE.

He is also a profound author of,(1)“Advance problems in organic chemistry for JEE”, (2) “Solomon’s-Organic chemistry for JEE (Main & Advance)”, (3) “Advance Theory in Organic Chemistry”, (4)”Advance test paper & Solution of Organic chemistry”, (5) “Elementary Problems in Organic chemistry for NEET/AIIMS” .

He has launched a website www.shivwin.com in order to provide a better insight to the future technocrats in all the areas of the subject in the best way.

He is also a marathon runner and a social activist.

NA SIR (Sodium Sir)

Challenges make you stronger


Mr. Narendra Avasthi, Popularly Known as Sodium Sir is a graduate from NIT-Jaipur in Chemical Engineering and Post Graduate in Advanced Computing from ACTS, Pune.

He is a Co-Founder, Director and HOD of Physical Chemistry.

Sodium Sir is the master in Physical Chemistry preparing and guiding the thousands of students who are aiming at National level engineering exam IIT-JEE.

His Vision towards Education, especially in IIT-JEE Preparation, is to mould the students & craft them to face the future challenges.

He is the Author of, (1) “Problems in Physical Chemistry”, that is equally helpful for the IIT-JEE aspirants” & (2) “Problems in Physical Chemistry for AIPMT/AIIMS”.

He is also a marathon runner.


Believe in Yourself, others will follow


Mr. Vimal Kumar Jaiswal is a co-founder, Director and HOD of Inorganic Chemistry.

His master degree is in chemistry and also in mass communication in science and technology from Lucknow University.

VKJ sir is an academician with a view to provide systematic theory and practice in inorganic chemistry to IIT-JEE aspirants for various problems .In order to prepare themselves for national level examinations.

VKJ sir has been the part of this noble profession for the last 19 Years and consistent in his approach to provide quality education to the students. He has prepared number of faculties in inorganic chemistry.

He is also the author of “Problems in Inorganic Chemistry”.

He is highly enthusiastic in solving and guiding the students for IIT-JEE preparation from years.


Na Hanyate Hanyamaane Sarire


Mr. Pankaj Joshi is a co-founder, Director and HOD Mathematics, has graduated from NIT-Jamshedpur and a gold medallist in his Master degree. He is serving the industry for the last 15 years.

His dynamic personality and zeal to deliver qualitative services in developing the future talents is commendable.

He is also the author of “Advance problems in Mathematics”. Mr. Pankaj Joshi firmly believes that by putting efforts with dedicated approach towards mathematics will lead to better results in future endeavours.

Under his guidance thousands of students have successfully achieved their targets in the subject.


Learning is a Process


Mr. Vikas Gupta is a co-founder, Director and HOD Mathematics, is an IITian from IIT-Guwahati in Mechanical engineering.

VG Sir has been the part of this noble profession for the last 18 years. His desire is to prepare IIT-JEE postulant for National Level Challenges in Mathematics. He is the author of “Advance Problems in Coordinate Geometry” and “Advance Problems in Mathematics”.

His unique way to solve the problems in mathematics is always helpful for the students preparing themselves for future challenges.

His energy is a huge source of motivation for thousands of students.