To become an Authorized Test Center (ATC) of Vibrant Academy


In the pursuit of excellence, in search of perfection and endeavour to embrace quality education Vibrant Academy was reared up in the year 2009.This pioneering institute has evolved as the most renowned and credible institute offering IIT-JEE preparation education. We stated our journey with a dream nestling in our eyes to nurture quality education, cultivate talents, enlighten minds and bring success within the reach of all.


Vibrant Academy stands apart and well above the rest on a distinguished platform, as an epitome of success. This could be achieved simply by virtue of the excellent teaching at our Classroom Courses at Kota.


With rapid growth and demand of our Distance Learning Courses among students throughout the country, who are not able to join our Classroom Courses at Kota, we are looking forward to have an associate with well reputed institute or an individual to become our Authorized Test Center (ATC), who understands working environment of educational industry and have desire to earn out of our success.  


Our Obligations:


1.       To make available various Distance Learning Programmes at ATC.

2.       To make available Admission Kit and its information at ATC.

3.       Design and formulation of test schedule of various Distance Learning Programmes at ATC.

4.       Availability of test papers, OMR answer sheets and other related information well in advance at ATC.

5.       Timely evaluation and declaration of test results.

6.       Advertising at national level through various national newspapers and magazines.

7.       Supporting ATC with all the marketing materials like Mini Brochure, Information Booklet, Pamphlet, Poster and Banner etc., time to time as


8.       Timely disbursement of ATC’s revenue share after ATC completed its obligations.


Authorized Test Center Obligations:


1.       Should have a fair knowledge of Education Industry.

2.       Should have the adequate infrastructure with proper ventilated and well lit rooms to accommodate at least 200 to 300 students at a time for

          conducting tests.

3.       If ATC does not have its own place/space for conducting tests, then it is ATC’s responsibility to hire a school for conducting tests, of which

          cost will be borne by him.

4.       It is the responsibility of the ATC to do all local level marketing activities and advertisement at its own cost to ensure maximum enrollment of


5.       Ensure availability of Admission Kit and other related information of Distance Learning Programme.

6.       Ensure to conduct all tests on time and in fair manner as per schedule of vibrant Academy.

7.       After each test, ATC will have to immediately courier OMR answer sheets to the Corporate Office of Vibrant Academy at its own cost for



For details you may contact


Anil Pathak