Scholarship (Session 2018-19)
Fee Discount in % / Rs
Scholarship on the basis of school performance in class X (For Micro/Nano Course Students)
State Board Merit List Top 15 Students 50%
CBSE Board 10 CGPA / 95% Marks & ABOVE/ ICSE Board 95% and above marks 5%
On the basis of NTSE /Olympiad (For Micro/ Nano Course students)
NTSE stage 1 qualified 15%
NTSE stage 2 qualified 40%
Olympiads conducted by HBCSE STAGE 1 qualified 30%
Olympiads conducted by HBCSE STAGE 2 qualified 75%
medal winner for Junior science olympiad cunducted by homi bhabha centre 90%
Scholarship on the basis of past association
Edge course students moving to Micro/Nano Course 10%
DLP 2017-18 Students Taking Admission in Classroom Course 5%
Alumnus from IIT JEE/ JEE (M & A) (Real Brother /Sister) 10%
Existing students discounts
Both sibling(Real brother or sister) in Micro/Mega/Googol Course (15000/- Rs.) Total discount
One in edge and other in Micro/Mega/Googol Course 5000(Each)
Both in Edge 3000 (Each)


  1. A student can avail only one scholarship during his/her entire academic session (in one course) of Vibrant Academy. In case a student is eligible for more than one scholarship under different criteria, he/she can avail the scholarship amount whichever is higher after submission of all relevant documents.
  2. For Scholarship On the basis of (School / Board / Other Performance): Mark sheet / Certificate (Compulsory) should be attested by the principal of the school last attended or where the student is presently studying.
  3. Once if student is awarded scholarship if any (at the time of Admission / Fee deposition), it cannot be changed in any circumstances whatsoever & no request in this regard will be entertained in future.
  4. Special 25% concession in Course Fee for Hindi Midium Courses only.